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heating systems
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Power - 3-phase network, 50 Hz 380V, 50 Hz
Thermal power of the heating systems 30…500 kW
Power of one heating module (heating stage) 27 kW, 36 kW, 50 kW
Number of heating modules 1…10
Range of regulation of temperature of the return heat carrier +15 оС … +60 оС
Maximum flow temperature +75 оС
Dimensions of the heating module 1150 х 140 х 140 mm
Overall dimensions of the control panel 5-step system 1200 х 800 х 300 mm
Overall dimensions of the control panel 10-step system 2000 х 1000 х 400 mm
Mass of the heating element 15 kg
Productivity of the circulation pump in one module calculated, not less 3,0 m3/hour

Advantages of the SOLMA system

  • The modular design of the SOLMA system makes it possible to create from standardized heating modules of a heating system with a capacity from 3 kW to 9 kW that best suits the needs of the customer.
  • The step regulation and the priority limiting of the heating power with the number of heating stages to 3 limits the current load and prevents the power limit from exceeding.
  • The simplicity of the design with the highest possible efficiency and a large area of ​​stainless steel heat exchanger provide the highest reliability and durability and, as a result, significant cost savings for consumers over the entire life cycle.
  • Silent execution provides an unlimited number of switching cycles and the ability to place the thermostat of the SOLMA system in domestic premises without sacrificing comfort.
  • An unprecedented amount of protection levels makes the SOLMA system one of the safest on the market.
  • The low weight, compact size and ease of installation of the SOLMA heating modules significantly reduce the commissioning time and also allow the equipment to be placed in small rooms.
  • The ability to service or replace heating modules without draining coolant and shutting down the system reduces operational costs.
  • Due to the small volume of the heating zone of the heating module, the heated coolant enters the system after a very short time - a few seconds - which reduces the time for the user to “wait for heat”.
  • Daily and weekly programming of heating, taking into account tariff zones and in combination with heat accumulators and multi-tariff metering of electricity, provides significant savings compared with other types of heating and DHW and evens out daily electricity load schedules.
  • Having a data port allows you to integrate SOLMA into Smart Home systems.