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The history of our company dates back to 1930, when experimental radio workshops were set up on the basis of the Kiev Energy Institute, producing paper oil-based capacitors. In 1932, the first K-class electrodynamic laboratory wattmeter was developed and the production of equipment for long-distance radio communications and various instruments for the institute laboratories began. In April 1938, the decision was made to transform the workshops into the Kiev Electrical Equipment Plant (KZETA) and the design and construction of the plant buildings began.

At the beginning of the forties, the KZETA team (about 500 people) produced already 18 items of complex and precise instruments - potentiometers, model transformers and equipment for their calibration, double electric measuring bridges, etc ...

When the Great Patriotic War began, the plant was evacuated to Omsk and as early as September 1, 1941 began production of 11 types of electrical products needed for the front and defense. Also, the factory produced bayonet shovels, pots, reproducers, etc.

After the liberation of Kiev in 1943, a decision was made to resume work at KZETA. 1944 was the year of restoration for the plant and by April 1945 the plant’s staff moved to the first new workshops with an area of ​​4 thousand square meters. m. So the largest domestic instrument-making enterprise was born.

Since 1947, the plant has been producing instruments for the automatic control of gateway mechanisms and devices for the automatic regulation of the rotor current of generators, which are used to equip all the major hydroelectric stations and navigation canals of the country.

In 1948, the Specialized Design Bureau of Industrial Automation and Precision Electrical Instrument Engineering was created.

The first conveyor was launched, a plastic parts workshop was commissioned.

In 1949, for the first time in the practice of instrument engineering, a continuous assembly of high-precision products was introduced. In the same year, the plant was the first in the country to start producing electric razors and for the entire time of their production 15 structures were created and 17 million copies were produced.

In 1952, the first devices were created for measuring large constant currents up to 70 thousand amperes. The plant, renamed “Tochelektropribor” since 1954, becomes the flagship of the instrument-making industry, a powerful scientific and industrial complex, the basis for the creation of the Kiev relay and automation plant, the Zhytomyr Electroizmeritel plant, the Meganhm meter Uman plant. According to the development of the enterprise, products are manufactured in Lviv, Omsk, Vitebsk, Krasnodar.

In 1961, 15 conveyors were commissioned. The company's products are exported to 23 countries. The development and production of digital devices has begun. In 1965, the first digital automatic bridges were launched.

In 1966, the company was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

By 1969, almost all products of the plant were certified in terms of quality categories.

In 1970, an automated control system was created and successfully operated, which was awarded a medal at the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

In 1973 - the development and implementation of an integrated system of quality management of labor and products.

In 1976, the launch of the U5056 type information and measurement system for measuring the characteristics of permanent magnets began. The system of automatic control of technological processes in various fields of the national economy has been introduced into production.

In 1978, the universal semi-automatic installation Poisk-1 was introduced into production, designed to verify the correctness of the installation of complex editions and which determines almost any installation faults.

In 1980, put on the production of electronic automated diagnostic measuring and predicting system (DIPS).

In 1981, on the basis of a new case built on a special project, high-tech production of instruments and devices for the rocket and space industries was organized, in particular, devices for missile control and guidance systems, gyros for spacecraft and the Mir station.

Mastered the mass production of a wide range of household goods: electric mixers "Ros", kitchen machines "Rostock", electric meat grinders, electric piezo lighters, coffee grinders. All products are marked with a quality mark. Due to their reliability and durability, these devices have always been in high demand among buyers. For many housewives, they are still indispensable helpers in the kitchen.

In 1985, the production and implementation of MicroDAT programmable logic controllers began - universal microprocessor control devices for various equipment - from small machines to automatic lines and workshops, as well as for building distributed process control systems and data collection and accounting systems.

In 1990, production of a wide range of induction and electronic one- and three-phase electricity meters with an intertesting interval of at least 16 years, gas meters, programmable controllers, integrated hardware and software systems for traffic control, and automated energy metering systems was organized.

Since 1992, the development and production of electrical equipment for automobiles - motor reducers for windshield wiper drives, electric motors and electric pumps for the cleaning system of glass and cooling systems, electric window lifters began. The same year, equipment for traffic management and environmental safety services was released.

In December 1993, Rostok, its full successor, was established on the basis of the Kiev factory Tochelektropribor.

In 1996, the plant was the first in Ukraine to begin production of CDs in CD and DVD formats, and CD-Rs using advanced Ultragreen technology.

In 1999, AK Rostok was awarded the gold star “Arch of Europe” for its compliance with the quality system CC100 (Diploma dated 04/12/99)

In April 2001, Rostok was awarded a crystal cornucopia in the Golden Fortune International Open Popularity and Quality Award in the Recognition of Product Quality on the Market nomination, and in August 2001 won the Open City Consumer Rating sympathy "100 best enterprises of Kiev" in the nomination "Production of audio and video equipment."

In October 2001, the brand “Rostock” received the status of the Leader of the National Competition “Golden Trademarks” in the nomination “Capacity Building of the Newest Technologies”. In 2002, AK Rostok was awarded the French Gold Medal of the Industry Assistance Association Honorary French Award. In April 2005, AK Rostok was renamed to Rostok Company PJSC.

Today PJSC Rostok Company is a powerful research and production complex consisting of a Special Design Bureau, a developed production base with its metrology and technical control services.

The company has qualified personnel, scientific and technical personnel, modern equipment, advanced technological processes and sufficient production space - everything necessary for the development and manufacture of modern technology, and the creation of new types of products from sophisticated household electrical appliances for the kitchen to accurate metering devices electricity, heating systems, optical storage media.

The company has a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001: 2000). Certificate of Ukrainian SEPRO No. UA 2.002.1206. The products of Rostok Company PJSC are certified and verified by the laboratory of the Ukrainian Center for Standardization and Metrology (UkrCSM), and also provided with warranty and post-warranty service in Ukraine, France, Russia, Poland.